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NEW!! MathGirl Addition House for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad
Addition House is here!

Number Garden, featured as New & Noteworthy and in Back to School Apps in the iTunes Store, now has a sequel!

Learn to add and learn to get faster at adding while playing a fun game.

A 5-year-old can tackle the first 2 to 5 levels. Older girls will get faster and fluent at adding. All players discover that buying and selling items for the house is a math game too.

Watch out, parents! You might find yourselves sneaking in a few games.

Addition House will help players move from counting on figures to visualizing how many. Players move from 1+1 to 99+9 by exploring groupings of flowers.

If you have MathGirl Number Garden, you can sync and view your garden and house together.

In Addition House:
• Count flowers in patterns, then add more flowers to get the answer.
• Get faster by recognizing patterns.
• Earn hearts for right answers.
• Earn more hearts as you get faster.
• Play 12 levels, from sums to 5 to sums to 99.
• Replay levels to get faster and make more hearts.
• Use hearts to “buy” items for your house.
• “Sell” items to upgrade to bigger items.
• Play in and save your personal house.
• Save houses for up to 4 players.
• Sync to Number Garden to view your house and garden.

House items:
• House paint: 6 colors
• Front doors: 4 colors
• Welcome mat
• Hearts and stars in three sizes and 6 colors
• Roof in 3 colors and 2 multicolors
• Windows: 4 square and 4 rounded in 4 colors
• Shutters: 4 square and 4 rounded in 4 colors
• Flowers: 3 kinds
• Roses: Pink and white
• Butterfly, dragonfly, bunny, bee, snail
• Window boxes with flowers
• White picket fence
• Walkway
• Castle tower
• Mailbox
• “No Boys” sign

• Sums to 5
• Sums to 6 and 7
• Sums to 8 and 9
• Sums to 9 and 10
• Speed Round to 10
• +5, +10
• +4, +9
• +6, +7
• +3, +8
• Speed Round to 20
• 10s
• 10s Plus
• Double Doubles
• Tricky Doubles
• Speed Round to 99

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MathGirl Number Garden for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad
A fun game designed for girls + an engaging right-brain approach to numbers + cute, fresh graphics = Math Success!

Number Garden makes every girl a MathGirl! A 4-year-old can tackle the first of 12 levels. For girls learning addition and multiplication, Number Garden fills in the steps too often missed in school.

“I want my girls to think of themselves as Math Girls. . . I’m thrilled to have an app on my iPhone that allows them to practice and build on their skills and confidence.”

“Don’t look now, but your daughter is doing (and liking) math!” –

“4.75 out of 5 stars!” –netgrrl,

“… see the concepts of addition and multiplication take root. . . the ‘I can’t do math’ attitude transforms into an ‘I can’ as confidence blooms in young learners.” –Ashley Allain a homeschooling mom with an MA in math education.

“LOVE the art!!! I want the screenshot on the wall of my girls room!!!!” Lorraine Ackermann, founder, and producer of iphone app, My Little Suitcase

“Color graphics, keeps kids entertained and learning. A+”

Watch out, parents. You might find yourself sneaking in a few games!

In the Number Garden:

• Count flowers and hands/fingers in patterns.
• Get faster by recognizing patterns.
• Earn stars for right answers.
• Replay levels to get faster and make more stars.
• Use stars to “buy” items for your garden.
• Fill your garden with flowers, bunnies, snails, butterflies, dragonflies, a soccer ball, a tire swing, a magic pond, a tree house, and more.
• “Sell” items to upgrade to bigger items.
• Play in and save your personal garden.
• Save gardens for up to 4 players.

More MathGirl games coming soon!

Read more about what makes MathGirl special.

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