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Reviews for MathGirl Number Garden

I Education Apps Review:
by Carolyn Wojtera

Grade Level: Early Elementary (K-3)

Purpose: A MathGirl Number Garden gives great practice with counting flowers and hands in patterns, the foundations of adding and multiplying. The developer website says this game is created for girls. Oh, no! Please don’t tell my first grade boys! They love this game as much as the girls do. I had to scramble for an explanation about the game title… I actually told my class that this game was written by a girl who calls herself MathGirl because she loves math so much. Whew! It worked… boys and girls both benefit from and love to play this game.

Program Functionality: A This is simple to understand for students: triangle button to play, house button for home/menu, flower button for garden. Answers at lower levels are multiple choice, higher levels have numeric keypad to type answer.

Overall Educational Value: A Super! I want my students to see objects in groups of 5′s, 10′s, and to think in terms of adding those remainders by counting on from the big number. Example in photo: 5, 10, 15, 16, 17 (15+2=17). This game has 10 levels, helpful for teachers to differentiate in the class or to use this game to support concepts being taught throughout the year.

Classroom Use Examples / Ideas: At the beginning of the year, I had students who couldn’t hold up a given number of fingers without counting them… even 5! Seeing the gloves in level 1 and 2 with 10 or less fingers held up gave them a fun way to practice that until they had automaticity with that skill. At the same time, there were children that were already seeing those groups of 5 or 10 and ready to practice skip counting. Differentiation was as simple as telling a student they could work to a given level.
Count Your Way Through MathGirl Number Garden for the iPhone
by Jenny Williams

Education on-the-go is always handy. Keeping your kids busy with an app while you’re doing something important seems to be a pretty common tactic among iPhone/iPod Touch users. My kids usually prefer logic games, which are also my favorite, but they also play with apps like Slide-a-ma-jig and Fluid. I also heavily encourage my kids to play apps that teach math, Spanish, history, vocabulary and other subjects.

Some math apps are fun, some are less than fun, but most of them don’t have a goal other than answering another question or getting a higher score. A new math app is out that is different. It doesn’t help you learn to add, multiply or put numbers in order. It helps you learn to count. Quickly. It is harder and infinitely more useful than it sounds.

MathGirl Number Garden contains several levels that help you identify a number by looking at a pattern of that number, made out of flowers or raised fingers on a hand. It’s great for practicing recognizing numbers by sight rather than by counting. When you play, you can choose a level, from Counting Numbers 1-5 to “Ultimate 50.” You need to play each level before the next higher level is unlocked. Game play gets harder as you go, but the hardest levels are the ones with the most answers from which to choose. Some levels give you five possible answers, others give you ten. I haven’t gotten all the way up to Ultimate 50 yet, so there may be even more options as you go. You also can play any level that you’ve already played, whenever you like. You just have to play the highest unlocked level to unlock the level above that. The more you play, the better you get, since you learn what to look for on each level and what number groupings the game uses.

Made by the same people who made Arithmaroo, MathGirl Number Garden has a different theme with plenty of flowers and garden elements. Two helpful and fun features that it has over Arithmaroo is the ability to choose any previously unlocked level at any time, and a new special activity. Other than the obvious math lessons, this added activity is the point of the game. When you play the game, you earn stars. The faster you answer each problem, the more stars you earn. After each round, you can play more rounds, or go straight to your garden. What garden, you ask?

You get to decorate your own Counting Garden. With all the stars you earn by completing levels, you can buy plants and other things for your garden. Available to buy are flowers, insects, a snail, animals, toys, rainbows and other items including a treehouse. The more you play, the more stars you’ll have to spend populating your garden. Also, more items for your garden are unlocked as you complete more game levels. You can arrange your garden any way you like. You can also sell back your garden items for half of the purchase price.

When in your garden, if you hold your device in landscape mode, you can scroll left and right. This will show where Multiplication Store and Addition House will be once future MathGirl apps come out. All of these apps will be connected, so if you use the same name in each app, you can build your own MathGirl Town. It isn’t clear from the website when the other apps will be out, though.

This game is great for multiple kids because there are four possible logins. It is also actually great for grownups as a mental exercise to recognize number patterns faster. While this is designed for girls, any boy who isn’t flower- and garden-averse will also love it.

MathGirl Number Garden is a really fun game for everyone, and quite useful. Counting groups of numbers is something that most people use in their daily lives. I only found a couple of problems with the app. The first is that the arrows you use to scroll through the garden elements are too small for regular sized hands. The arrows are so close to the Buy and Sell button that you might accidentally buy or sell something unintentionally (I’ve done this!). Another problem is that if you try to play the counting portion of the game in landscape mode, the screen doesn’t rotate properly. I wish it automatically locked in portrait mode.

MathGirl Number Garden is available in the iTunes store for $1.99. It is appropriate for any kid, but especially those age 4 and up. The Lite version is also available for free, but you’re only given the first four levels of play.

Wired: Fun game, lots of replayability because of the garden building and continued skill building. Cute graphics. Can be fun for boys (and grownups) who like gardens, too.

Tired: Arrows used to page through garden items are tiny. Auto-rotate during game play should be turned off.

These days girls are into gadgets – and that’s a good thing. Technology is often the key to empowering our daughters and making them self-sufficient…especially in math! Math, you say? Yes. Math. Study after study has shown that girls begin to lag behind boys in math beginning as early as 4th grade. So, when I heard about iTunes fabulous MathGirl Number Garden app by By Icanology LLC, I jumped at the chance introduce it to Parenting Pink readers!

Not only are iTunes the hottest way for parents and their daughters to instantly download music and movies, but they have created phone apps (applications). Their latest creation, MathGirl Number Garden ($1.99), is no ordinary phone app. – it’s fun, cute, AND will actually teach your 4-18 year old daughter MATH while she plays it! Finally, a game that is both fun and educational. This math app is for girls of all ages and skill sets and helps fill in the gaps missed in school with addition and multiplication, and subtraction. As we all know, girls love their phones and iPods and what better way to ensure they are actually learning along with playing?

Math Girl Number Garden provides your daughter with the following:
1. Most math apps are practice drill games–MathGirl actually teaches.
2. It is a right-brain, visual approach to gaining number sense, a “feel” for numbers and their relationships to each other.
3. Most math apps only work for girls who are already good at math.
4. Girls like to nurture and collect things. MathGirl is designed for girls.

Don’t look now, but your daughter is doing (and liking) math

MathGirl Number Garden is a sneaky educational app masquerading as a fun game tailor made for girls. They might think they’re earning points to redeem for rainbows, flowers, and bunnies, but really they’re practicing arrays (a visual, right brain math exercise).

What’s Hot:
The garden theme and pastel colors are so darn cute. Girls will be falling all over themselves to play for points and then redeem them in order to decorate their gardens. We especially liked “unlocking” the various high ticket items like soccer balls, tire swings, and ponds.

What’s Not:
You can only buy one of each item. It’s a minor thing, but I kind of wanted to decorate my garden with 15 pink rabbits. Maybe that’s just me though.

The Bottom Line:
This sweet app really stands out in a sea of boring, unimaginative math practice apps.
4.75 out of 5 stars.

In 1992, Mattel Toys made the first talking Barbie doll. Barbie’s first words were, “Math class is tough.”

That, to me, shows the gender gap between boys and girls where math and science are concerned. Girls are subtly taught at an early age to avoid these subjects. But girls who are encouraged at an early age to embrace these subjects do very well and continue to do well in these subjects at higher grade levels.

MathGirl Number Garden offers a girly-girl way to teach girls math isn’t so tough. It starts with levels any 4-year-old could master, simple counting flowers or hands and fingers and tapping on the correct number. Each level becomes more challenging, adding addition and even later multiplication.

Star rewards at each level let you buy items for your garden, bees, flowers, bunnies, snails, and more.

The game allows for four players, making it excellent for households with more than one girl. Each girl can move at her own pace.

It also presents an excellent opportunity for parents to spend quality time with daughters. Taking turns, mother and daughter (or father and daughter) could both play and enjoy creating and comparing their gardens, instance. A young child could even “help” Mommy or Daddy by helping them with their answers!

Wrapped up in a app with pleasing graphics, fun music, and a creative garden, and girls will enjoy Number Garden’s no-pressure approach to math.

Growing Number Sense with MathGirl Number Garden

The team at Icanology has done it again! After great success with their engaging math app, Arithmaroo, Lynn and Molly Rasmussen are launching a new app aimed directly at girls. On July 16, MathGirl Number Garden will be released on iTunes. In addition, there will be a Lite version available for free showcasing the first 4 of 12 levels.

The format is similar to Arithmaroo in that it takes a right-brain approach to developing number sense. The game consists of moving through 12 progressively harder levels. The early levels of the game are geared towards preschool and kindergarten but can challenge even adults at the higher levels. Along the way, girls will have the chance to earn stars that can be exchanged for exciting rewards like virtual bunnies, rainbows, flowers and many other objects. These can be used to add personal flair to individual gardens!

Also like Arithmaroo, this app takes an organic approach to learning mathematical concepts. Colorful, everyday objects are used to represent numerical values creating visual interest for young learners. As children interact with the game (Yes, I said game!), they are easily able to make connections between numerical symbols and the values they represent. This provides a firm foundation upon which future concepts can grow. Before your eyes, you will begin to see the concepts of addition and multiplication take root. More importantly, with each success, the “I can’t do math” attitude transforms into an “I can” as confidence blooms in young learners.

As a homeschooling mom of four, as well as, math educator, I can feel good about letting our children explore this new app. MathGirl Number Garden provides a fun, educational alternative to the usual video gaming options. This app is the perfect illustration of meaningful technology integration into the learning process. So, go ahead, let the kids borrow your iPod. Then, sit back and watch as they begin to cultivate a love of learning and grow in their knowledge of math. By the way, they might have a little bit of fun!

Math Girl Number Garden provides solid practice of the math concepts behind counting and multiplication. The app is designed to appeal to girls and it has a feminine feel without being over the top. The app is designed for up to four players and has twelve different levels. Each one builds upon the previous levels. You will be shown objects and asked to determine how many are on the screen. The faster you answer the more stars you earn. Once you have passed a level you can replay it again to improve your time and earn more stars. When you have earned enough stars you can use them to purchase items for a garden. In your garden you can plant flowers, arrange them on the screen and even sell them back if you change your mind.

I want my girls to think of themselves as Math Girls. I want them to realize that not only can they do math but they can also excel at it. I’m thrilled to have an app on my iPhone that allows them to practice and build on their skills and confidence.

Very very easy for all ages. Educational phone or ipod application. Comes in free and paid versions. Color graphics, keeps kids entertained and learning. A+. Our girls play with our Ipod all the time and we try to keep fun, easy games on their for them. Here is another great family friendly, safe game!

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Testimonials for MathGirl Number Garden

“My daughter loves MathGirl! This is the most adorable math teaching app for little girls!!!! I even like plying it myself…lol. It’s a must have.”
by MissyinFl

“Fun AND Educational! This app is so much fun that I find myself sneaking sessions with it, in an attept to increase my scores. My girls (ages 4 and 5) don’t get the garden concept yet, but thy love the counting part. Good for explaining the concept of sets too.”
by Brooks7

“This is a fantastic, amazing app. My six year old daughter can not get enough of it. If only there could be more like it! It targets a specific skill, and does such a good job at it!”
by Dradisky

“Excellent App – Cute for little ones! I am running this on an iPad and an iPhone and it works great! this is a fantastic app! It rewards my kids with “stickers” they can place in a little garden! Great Job!”
by Roger559

“Simple, cute and very functional. This is an awsome app for counting. My 5 year old uses the app a lot and learning to count very fast. As a mom, I love the simplicity of this app and the fact that they learn such an important skill while having a lot of fun.”
by Desigirl05
“This is a really cute app that will help your little girl learn to quickly recognize and add (multiply) number groupings. The graphics are attractive and the reward of adding prizes to the garden scene is a nice incentive to keep trying more difficult challenge levels.”
by Susan Tiner

“MathGirl is perfect! This app must have been developed by a teacher. It’s perfect for my daughter.”
by FatherBobby

“As fun at 50 as at 4! Downloaded for my niece and couldn’t wait for her to go to bed so I could have a turn. And I LOVE my garden :-) . What a brilliant way to have fun with kids and encourage them to learn on their own about another and very practical approach to arithmetic!”
by Kalliek

“I just bought this and my daughter is officially a MathGirl junkie! Graphics are darling, concept is great and I feel my 5 year old is really learning and understanding the concept beind how to count by 5s & 10s. It’s a great visual aid. I love the way it makes my kid work for her rewards. Do u make something like this for phonics or spelling?”
by Edesigner

“Best math teaching app. Great fun app my littlle precious can’t get enough of it. She had to be learning.”
by Math Surfer

“Just too much fun to be learning, but she is! And being able to create a garden with bees and flowers etc is just the right touch to keep a girl interested.”
by netgrrl

“I love this app. The graphics are so beautiful that any little girl would want to play. I love the garden feature. The ability to earn stars and buy new items for the garden is very motivational.”
By Lovetocook

“Ok, I have a confession to make: my 10 year old, skateboardin’, ball-playin’, rough and tumble BOY likes MathGirl Number Garden. I had to pry the iPod Touch out of his hands at bedtime. There he was, counting daisies, trying for the rabbit and playing with numbers. And that’s just fine with me.”
by DC Mom of three

“Cute Math Game For Girls. Wish they would make an app like this for a boy!
by MommyOf1XY1XX

“Awesome! This app rocks!”
by SusieQ8

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Reviews for MathGirl Addition House
MathGirl Games – The fun keeps adding up!

Math Girl Games, created by Lynn and Molly Rasmussen, recently launched Addition House adding to their popular series aimed directly at young girls. Addition House builds on the skills explored in Number Garden allowing girls to gain confidence in math. The beauty of this app is that it syncs with Number Garden allowing you to view both your house and your garden.

Continuing with the right-brain approach to learning, Addition House possesses all the things you love about Number Garden. Through game play, girls count patterns of flowers to develop visual representations of basic addition skills. Through this method of pattern recognition, they are able to quickly move away from counting individual items to counting groups of items laying a foundation for multiplication concepts.

If that’s not enough, there are opportunities for the more advanced to challenge themselves in timed play and develop fluency of their basic facts. With each success, the player is awarded virtual “money” in which they can go shopping and decorate their house. What girl wouldn’t love that! The shopping experience actually serves as a surprise bonus. As the child buys and sells items for their house, they develop money skills as well.

As with all of the apps I review, they are field tested on our children, the gymnastics team, the soccer kids and the kids I tutor. The overwhelming response was “This is fun! I wish I could do this for math homework.” Our second grader was quoted as saying it was “addicting.” Imagine that, being addicted to learning math! That is every educators dream! The team at Math Girl has found a winning combination by creating a platform where young girls can develop math skills using a visually interesting and engaging game.

Check out this series for an exciting alternative to flash cards and the traditional “drill-n-kill” approach to learning. This is an inexpensive way for young girls to gain confidence, develop fluency and see that math is fun!
MathGirl Addition House

This is the week where I’m having a tough time putting down the math applications. There are some fantastic resources available in the App Store! One of those resources is the new MathGirl Addition House app, it’s the latest one to pull me in. Addition House is a companion to MathGirl Number Garden. The apps will actually work together and as long as you use the same name for your player profile on both apps you can sync to Number Garden and import your garden so it shows up next to the addition house you are building.

MathGirl Addition House works on building up addition skills. The app begins with levels that young children (suggested age is five years old) can tackle. The levels become progressively more difficult ending up on levels that use numbers up to 99. The numbers in the addition problems are represented by flowers so you can count them if needs be. You’ll want to be quick about your addition because you are awarded hearts for quickly completing problems. The faster you move the more hearts you receive.

The levels are challenging and they do a nice job enforcing addition skills. I was a bit rusty at first but was surprised at how quickly things came back after a few rounds of practice. My speed actually really increased. I’ve told you about the addition part of the app but what about the house? Each player is given a blank house to decorate. Paint, doors, windows, accessories, etc. can be purchased with the hearts. The more hearts you’ve got the fancier your house can become. When you tilt your iPhone on it’s side you can sync up your MathGirl Number Garden so you’ll have flowers and trees beautifying your yard.

MathGirl Addition struck a chord with the little girl side of me, it was great fun to decorate my house. If you’ve got an elementary school aged daughter who could use some help with her addition facts give MathGirl Addition House a try.
MathGirl Addition House: the New Sequel to MathGirl Math Apps

MathGirl series, one of the best fun educational math apps for kids, now helps your girls to learn how to add numbers with a new sequel:

MathGirl Addition House

Math Girls math apps focuse on teaching in a fun and interactive way on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The first sequel of MathGirl focused on learning how to count in a very distinctive way by helping girls visualize numbers thus counting faster.

The new sequel, MathGirl Addition House, offers the same approach and focuses on adding numbers, a unique math game picked up by iTunes as New & Noteworthy Girls will have fun learning how to add flowers in a fresh and girly environment. Girls will learn how to add numbers step by step. MathGirl Addition House offers 15 different levels. The first levels are easy and the last ones might even challenge parents! Each level can be played as many times as your girl wants.

Practice will make adding number fun and easy. Each time a level is finished your kids will be rewarded with hearts. Hearts can then be used to buy items to build a house and choose from items such as : 6 house colors, front doors in 4 colors, square and rounded windows in 4 colors, roofing in 6 colors, shutters, flowers, window boxes, a picket fence, walkway, mailbox, castle tower, and “No Boys” sign. Add butterflies, dragonflies, bunnies, bees, and snails
Math Girls Addition House is stimulating and will help children add faster and faster. Math Girls Addition House extends the game play and let children create and build their own environment. For kids it is not a math game but a fun game.
MathGirl Addition House

MathGirl Addition House is the newest installment in a series of MathGirl apps designed to increase girls’ confidence and literacy in mathematics, here specifically addition. Like MathGirl Number Garden, this app has a lovely floral theme which will be of interest to many girls. There are twelve levels to master, each increasing in difficulty as you continue to play, and the faster you get the correct answers, the more points you earn. Redeem these points to decorate your house; you are able to choose paint colors, decorative doors and windows, and other things to make your house personal and special.
I showed this app to my 2.5+ year old son, and he is able to complete the first few levels with a little help from me. I was glad that, although you get more points for speed, he was able to take as long as he needed, working at his own pace to answer correctly and was still able to collect points for his hard work. If he answers wrong, he is able to keep playing until he answers correctly. Once when we went to redeem these points, my son did not have enough to get what he wanted, and it was his idea to play again to earn more. It was nice to see how enthusiastic he was about playing this math game, and I like that with twelve levels to choose from, this app will grow with my child.
The most interesting thing about this app is that if you own both MathGirl Number Garden and MathGirl Addition House, these apps can sync together so you can look at both the garden and house side by side, creating a highly personalized and detailed landscape to be proud of. I am very curious to see what the next app – MathGirl Multiplication – has to offer, and I am looking forward to syncing all three together for an even grander landscape.

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Testimonials for MathGirl Addition House

“Fantastic! My 6 year old daughter loves this game, and would play it forever if possible. Most “educational” games are either only marginally educational at best or boring beyond belief (or both). The creators of this game have hit a magical middle that I would have not believed possible. Buy this app!”
by Dradisky

“A great way to get familiar with numbers is playing an exciting video game.”
by FatherBobby

“Addition house is even better than number garden. Can’t get my precious off to make a call. She wants those hearts. Learning like crazy.”
by Math Surfer

“Brilliant! My daughters love plying the MathGirl games! The Addition House version is another great way for them to have fun and learn important skills at the same time. They’re always motivated to design and upgrade their house in the game too. Thanks!
by Charles McGarnagle

“Love it! This is just what I needed for my daughter who struggles in math. She loves the prize of decorating her house. Can’t wait for the multiplication version!”
by Zemil

“What a great way to learn additions. Cute, engaging and fun app. Sure to motivate your girls to do those additions.”
by Desigirl05

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MathGirl Logo


MathGirl Number
Garden 150×150

MathGirl Number
Garden Lite 150×150

Number Garden Screenshots:

MathGirl Number Garden
Splash 320×480

MathGirl Number Garden
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MathGirl Number Garden
Level 10 320×480

MathGirl Number Garden
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Addition House Screenshots:

MathGirl Addition House
Splash 320×480

MathGirl Addition House
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MathGirl Addition House
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MathGirl Number Garden Demo Video
View on YouTube

MathGirl Addition House Demo Video

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Press Releases


MathGirl Number Garden Lite for the iPhone Released

Makawao, Maui – July 19,2010 – Icanology LLC has released MathGirl Number Garden Lite, a free version of their game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. MathGirl Number Garden, the paid version ($1.99 USD), was featured today in the top spot in New and Noteworthy in Education.

Number Garden, the first in what will be the MathGirl series, is a simple counting game that quickly gets more complex.  One to five flowers are grouped on screens in Level 1 and up to 50 flowers are grouped in Level 12.  Players discover that they don’t have to count each flower, but they can recognize the groupings. By the end of the game, they add and multiply without realizing it.

“We use current trends in graphics and gaming to build a new way to teach math, one that appeals to girls’ senses and how girls like to play,” said producer and president Lynn Rasmussen.  Cute, fresh graphics and an engaging game result in a visual, right-brain approach to math. Players win stars for prizes for their personal gardens.  They can play at their own speed and replay levels to get faster and make more points.

A four-year-old can tackle the first few levels. Playing through the levels helps older girls add and multiply more fluently. Even adult math whizzes are challenged at the higher levels.

In MathGirl Number Garden Lite, the free version, players:

*Play 4 levels (instead of 12)

*Count flowers and hand/fingers

*Get faster by recognizing patterns.

*Earn stars for right answers.

*Replay levels to get faster and make more stars.

*Use stars to “buy” items for their gardens.

*Fill their gardens with flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, bunnies, and snails (a tire swing, magic garden, tree house, and more are available in the paid app)

Designed by mother and daughter team, Lynn Rasmussen and Molly Rasmussen, MathGirl Number Garden is the first of what will soon be the MathGirl series. Lynn Rasmussen is a systems theorist with an MA in human development. Twenty years ago, when her children were small and in public school, she saw what was missing in many students’ experiences with numbers. She also saw that the math expertise of individual teachers widely varied. She said, “Too many bright people struggle with math. Our mission is to wipe the ‘bad at math’ experience off the face of the Earth. Finally, in the iPhone we have an engaging, interactive medium for teaching all children.” Molly Rasmussen, a Cornell graduate in design and product development, worked for six years as a swimwear designer. She designed successful brands, including Hannah Montana for girls, and now applies that expertise to app and game design. Robert Bonifacio, MathGirl’s programmer, sold his first game to Atari at 12. He’s now dedicated to working on projects that make a difference.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 3.0 or later
* Full version: 4.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:   MathGirl Number Garden 1.0 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) MathGirl Number Garden Lite is free. Both are available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

Located in Makawao, Maui, Hawaii, Icanology LLC was founded in 2006 by Lynn Rasmussen. The company uses systems theory and thinking to create elegant tools that make life simpler. All Material and Software (C) 2010 Icanology LLC / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPod, the iPod logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

iPhone Game MathGirl Number Garden Debutes in the iTunes Store on July 16

MAKAWAO, MAUI—July 10, 2010—Icanology LLC today announced it will debut its math game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, MathGirl Number Garden, in the iTunes Store on July 16. MathGirl combines the engagement of gaming with an innovative, right brain and visual approach to numbers that gives both young and old players a powerful foundation for math success. “Our mission,” Icanology LLC President Lynn Rasmussen says, “is too wipe the ‘bad at math’ experience off the face of the Earth. Too many bright, capable people struggle with math. We want to help them love numbers the way that we do.”

Most math games are drills and practice. Number Garden actually teaches how to move from counting to seeing how many. Players earn stars to “buy” flowers, bunnies, a tire swing, a rainbow, and more for their personal gardens. Four-year-olds can tackle three of the twelve levels. Higher levels are challenging for math whizzes of all ages. By the end of the game, young children add and multiply without realizing it.

MathGirl Number Garden is the first in the MathGirl series to be released by mother and daughter team, Lynn and Molly Rasmussen. Lynn Rasmussen, a systems theorist with an MA in human development, loves math. Twenty years ago, when her children were small, she saw what was missing in children’s experience with numbers in their public schools and that too much depended upon the math expertise of individual teachers. Teaching math skills became a hobby. She says, “Finally we have an engaging, interactive medium for teaching all children.” Molly Rasmussen, a Cornell graduate in design and product development, worked six years as a successful swimwear designer, including Hannah Montana for girls, and is now applying that same expertise to app and game design. Robert Bonifacio, MathGirl’s programmer, sold his first game to Atari at 12.

Watch a video of MathGirl Number Garden on YouTube here.
Find MathGirl images here.

MathGirl Number Garden
Category: education
MathGirl Number Garden Lite
For a free full version, email us for an iTunes Store promotion code.

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Another great app! Great work! Check out my review here:

Christopher Lay November 24, 2010 at 11:53 pm

FYI, I wrote a blog post about math apps for Beijing Kids Magazine and gave a shout out to MathGirl; a great app that my daughter loves. Thanks.

Lynn@MathGirl November 25, 2010 at 8:22 am

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